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Core Rules

  1. You will not post, link to, or request illegal content.
    1. - Attempting to get the site taken down via DDOS, false reports, etc. is forbidden.
  2. No advocacy, promotion of, or posting of pedophilia and pedophilic content.
  3. Advertising for imageboards, discord servers, telegram channels, crypto projects, etc. is not permitted.
    1. - Participation in hostile or disruptive off-site communities or servers is forbidden.
  4. Excessive spam such as linespam, catalog wiping, and using script bots is not permitted.
    1. - Flooding the report system with false reports is forbidden.
  5. Posts that do not pertain to the topic or theme of the board may be moved or removed.
  6. Discussion of e-celebs will be kept to /incel/, discussion of local namefags and meta-drama will be kept to /q/.

Board-specific Guidelines

/soy/ - Soyjaks

  1. This board is for Soyjaks. Soyjaks, raids, and soyjak quest threads are prioritized above all other posts.
  2. Light NAS is tolerated (for the time being), but may be removed at any time to make way for more soyjaks.

/qa/ - Question & Answer

  1. This board is for SFW NAS. Soyjaks, /qa/ memes, and other 4chan related memes (such as frogs) are encouraged, but other non-rulebreaking topics are permitted.

/q/ - Drama and Meta-drama

  1. This board is for drama involving the site, the people who use it, and the staff.
  2. Use it to vent and complain, and give suggestions or feedback on any of those topics.

/nate/ - Coals

  1. This board is for NSFW NAS. All garbage on the site eventually finds its way to /nate/.
  2. Racebait, furshit, and other terrible non-party related topics can be found here.
  3. Catalog wiping /nate/ is permitted.

Rules for Janitors/Mods

  1. Your job is to follow the rules and guidelines as they are written. If you are unsure of the rules and their application, ask the Manager.
  2. You will not reveal your status as a member of the team at any point for any reason.
  3. If something breaks the rules, delete first and only ban after repeat offenses.
  4. You are not the coal police. If the post doesn't break the rules or guidelines, you WILL NOT delete it.
  5. Being a janny can be frustrating, so don't apply if you can't handle this lovely community of ours and all that comes with it.
  6. If you can't follow these guidelines, then I will quickly make sure you won't have to worry about following them ever again.